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Corporate Law

With over 25 years’ experience handling corporate matters, our firm provides corporate legal services and brings its experience representing hospitals, healthcare entities, and banks to assist our clients at every stage and in every facet of their business development.

Contract Preparation, Review, and Analysis

Each business is unique, and our attorneys take the time to understand the specific circumstances and objectives of each business we represent.  Our understanding and appreciation for the considerations and expectations of each business coupled with our experience preparing, negotiating, analyzing, and enforcing contracts, enable us to provide these services every day to our clients.  We are often asked to prepare analyses and opinion letters regarding the enforcement of contracts and likely outcomes.

Entity Formation

Our Firm shares our clients’ enthusiasm in founding and furthering their businesses.  We work closely with our clients providing them with the information and tools to make sound and informed decisions about going into and structuring their business.  We assist our clients in selecting not only the most appropriate entity for their business, but also in seeking to limit their liability.  We have extensive experience forming corporations and limited liability companies.

HOAs and Community Associations

The job of a condominium or homeowners’ association’s Board of Directors and officers is challenging and demanding of the individuals serving their community. Our firm is experienced in serving as counsel for Boards of Directors and officers.  We respond quickly to day-to-day practical and legal questions that arise in the operations of the association.  We also assist associations in drafting and enforcing declarations, by-laws, and protective covenants.

Despite well-written declarations and covenants, Boards of Directors find themselves faced with disputes, which our attorneys will seek to resolve efficiently and effectively in close consultation with the appropriate representatives.

Our vast experience enforcing creditors’ rights combined with our familiarity with condominium and homeowners’ association laws, make us well-equipped to pursue delinquent monthly maintenance fees and special assessment dues collection, as well as filing liens and foreclosing.

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