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Business Law and Litigation

No two clients are exactly alike, nor are the problems and disputes they confront.  That is why in each and every engagement our attorneys are committed to carefully weighing and considering the circumstances of the matter to develop a results-oriented strategy that is tailored to achieve our client’s individual objectives.

We approach business disputes by addressing the matter at hand, as well as suggesting thoughtful, creative solutions to achieve the clients’ long-term goals, minimize risk, and resolve clients’ matters as early as possible.   Our focus is to serve each of our clients’ best interests as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Upon accepting a new assignment, we work with our clients to assess the issues and risks, and then establish a course of action and evaluate opportunities for an early motion to dismiss, motion for summary judgment, or settlement to avoid expensive and protracted litigation.  We likewise serve as our clients’ tenacious advocate from start to finish.  We have a long track record of not only winning, but also attaining our clients’ business objectives. 

Our Firm’s attorneys handle a wide variety of litigation matters, including:

  • Civil litigation in business disputes
  • Breach of contract matters
  • Employee recruitment and defection disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Trade secret and restrictive covenants and non-competition agreement matters
  • Disputes involving injunctive relief and TROs
  • Commercial landlord/tenant and lease matters
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Veil-piercing actions against entity officers
  • Actions to set aside fraudulent conveyances
  • Disputes involving negligent misrepresentation and/or fraud
  • E-discovery and electronic record retention
  • Arbitration, mediation, and negotiation
  • Fraud Cases
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