Torts & Insurance

Thomerson Freeman & Rogers P.C. is experienced in litigating a wide array of tort, insurance, and subrogation matters.


Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of tort practice, from pre-suit negotiations through trial.  This makes our attorneys well-qualified to provide valuable advice specifically tailored to the interests and needs of each client on every stage of a tort matter.


We have significant experience with insurance policies – applying the law to interpret them and rendering coverage opinions.  Our attorneys are aptly suited to offer advice on the rights and responsibilities of both insurers and insured, alike.  This experience and understanding of the protections and obligations of the insurers and insured make our attorneys well-qualified to bring declaratory judgment actions regarding coverage.


Thomerson Freeman & Roger’s attorneys are familiar with recovering on behalf of insurance carriers.   In the process of doing so, we emphasize frequent reporting to ensure everyone stays well-informed about each matter.  Our familiarity with all stages of the process – from securing the cooperation of the named insured through a trial – enables us to maximize recovery for insurers.